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The right small and midsize business IT solutions for your top 4 business priorities

Stay in front of a fast-moving marketplace. Use the right small and midsize business IT and technology solutions to master the dynamics of your business and drive winning outcomes.

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Mobile OS in the U.S.: Android vs iOS

It's useful for digital designers and marketers to understand consumers' preferences when it comes to smartphone operating systems (OS). So, what's happening in the mobile device market? Which smartphone OS is leading from a pure sales perspective? Let's take a closer look. The latest smartphone OS sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Android sales [...]

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Apple Event: New iPhone 6s, Apple TV, iPad Pro and more.

Quick Links: Apple Watch | iPad Pro | Apple TV | Apple iPhone 12:58 PM (EST): Beck's "Dreams" is playing in the theater as we await Tim Cook's event kickoff. 1:03 PM (EST): Tim Cook takes the stage. Touts monstrous announcement across all product lines. Apple Watch Apple Watch: The smartwatch has a customer [...]

Siri's best Easter eggs

Sure, Siri will help you find directions, play a song or set reminders for you. But there's another, grittier side to Apple's virtual assistant. Since Siri's 2010 debut, users have been discovering Siri's "Easter eggs" that the Apple engineers have hidden in the system. If you press hard enough, Siri will read [...]

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